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HHS is now on Roku!

It’s up! It’s rockin’! And now it’s worldwide!That’s right, Hillbilly Horror Show is a standalone channel on Roku!


Forget watching on some piddly little laptop or tablet. Now, for the low, low, dirt cheap price of $0.99, you can download and stream Hillbilly Horror Show right through your TV. Catch all the fun & frights, along with great behind-the-scenes bonus footage, cool indie horror trailers, and clips of upcoming episodes.

It’s bound to have you screaming for more!

If you have a Roku, don’t waste a second! Get to downloading! If you don’t have a Roku, go get one!


Watch HHS on Roku

  1. Log in to your Roku account.
  2. Find Hillbilly Horror Show (see “Streaming Channels” – “New”)
  3. Add the channel.
  4. Enter code hillbillyhorrorv1


See the film franchise that horror critics have been raving about, today! And don’t forget to Like & Share this article with all your Roku loving friends! For more info and to follow along on social media, check out the links below!

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– Team Hillbilly


About HHS

Hillbilly Horror Show kicks off strong with Franky and the Ant (“Best of Fest” – 2013 LA Indie Film Fest), starring Christine Woods (The Walking Dead), followed by the outstanding animated horror short, Doppelganger. Next, we bring on a fun little homage to the zombie genre with Amused. Finally, we close out with a BUZZ and introduce you to The Nest (“Best Foreign Short” – 2011 Atlanta Shortsfest). In between the films, hilarity ensues as our hillbilly family comments on the films, drink beer, and whip up a tasty batch of skunk stew! Plus there’s plenty of Lulu to feast your eyes on!

Hillbillies With Hearts!

February is “Hillbillies with Hearts” month and we’re ‪#‎giving‬ back!!! From now until the end of February, all those who stream Hillbilly Horror Show on ‪#‎Vimeo‬ will be helping to fight ‪#‎cerebralpalsy‬!

This hits close to home for our hillbilly family, as the youngest son of our very own Bo Keister suffers from ‪#‎CP‬. So to help, we are donating 50% of all proceeds to Bo’s favorite national CP ‪#‎charity‬!

Get all the information here:

How to Use Hoopla

Welcome to one of Hillbilly Horror Show’s newest, and most versatile, free streaming platforms: Hoopla Digital! We hope you find this sign up tutorial informative and easy to follow as we open you up to a whole world of free content, including movies, eBooks, music, and more!

About Hoopla

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.19.15 PM

Getting Started with Hoopla

To get started, you will need your current library card number and PIN code. Once you have obtained these, visit log in at Scroll down and click “SIGN UP NOW.”

Next, select the library where your card is registered

Enter and re-enter your email address. Create and re-enter a password. Enter your library card number followed by your PIN Code, and then click “SIGN UP NOW.”



Now you have access to all Hoopla Digital has to offer!






TV Shows




Now you’ve got FREE access to it all! So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying Hoopla Digital today! And don’t forget to check out Hillbilly Horror Show!

Volumes 1 & 2 are LIVE on Roku, through the Tubi TV channel!

If you have Roku, simply go visit Tubi TV and look for us under New Arrivals or Horror! You can pick up your very own Roku Streaming Player HERE!

Don’t have Roku? No problem! Just download the Tubi TV app on your tablet or smart phone, or you can watch ONLINE!

Both are PACKED with award-winning horror shorts that you can’t miss!

Join Bo, Cephus, and their SMOKIN’ cousin, Lulu, for a hilarious ride, full of hillbilly hijinks, and enjoy 8 great films! Check’em out!